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Design, Animation + Video

Whether you need a piece of animation as part of an existing production, or you're interested in having us coordinate the entire process, from script and design to animation to music and sound, email or call us at (347) 335-0891.

Original Music + Licensing

If you're interested in comissioning an original piece of music from our composers, email . If you'd like to license an existing track from the Huma-Huma Catalog, email .

Or, of course, feel free to call the music producers at (347) 470-0641.


For press and other related inquiries, email .

Career Opportunities

Mixtape Club is always on the lookout for motivated and talented people to join our team. If you're interested in freelance work a staff position in production, design, animation, music, or sound, email

Jesse Casey

Managing Director

Chris Lenox Smith

Executive Creative Director

Sallie Moore

Executive Producer, Music

Eric Korte

Head of Production, Music + Sound