The Mixtape Club Studio

Mixtape Club was born in 2005 from the collective hallucination of Chris Lenox Smith, Jesse Casey, and Michelle Higa. Years of abusive coffee intake led to a number of award-winning directorial works, including awards from SXSW, Ottawa International Animation Festival, and ADC Young Guns.

Our experience birthing these films taught us a thing or two about every step of the production process, from concept to delivery to postpartum depression. Today, Mixtape Club is an integrated creative studio, offering a full range of services to help bring new work to life.

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We have an extensive roster of talent and equipment to shoot live action, stop motion, and everything in between. We don't shoot pornography; that'd be gross you guys.

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We are well versed in all areas of post-production, including editing, VFX, tracking/compositing, 2D and 3D animation, and finishing. One might remark that we've got 'the skills to pay the bills' and 'the tools to… um, do a really good job.'

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Downstairs, we have a full mixing studio, and are capable of handling VO records, sound design, and stereo mixes. For music composition we work with our sister company Huma-Huma.

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We have like eight different coffee-making apparatuses in the studio. Not an exaggeration. And each one is better than the last. Ask us about our techniques if you have a few hours to spare.

News and Awards


Lee Van Cleef, Ottawa International Animation Festival: Winner "Best Commissioned Animation"


Hello, I Like You, Ottawa International Animation Festival


To Kingdom Come, SXSW Film Festival

ADC Young Guns 8 Judge

Adobe MAX 2010 Awards Judge


Wait for the Summer, SXSW Film Festival

Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Slamdance Film Festival

ADC Young Guns 7


Me-I, SXSW Film Festival: Winner "Best Music Video"

Wait for the Summer, Spin Magazine "20 Best Music Videos of 2008"


Nothing Linke This and Me-I, Pictoplasma Animation Festival & Characters in Motion 2 Book/DVD

Me-I, Ottawa International Animation Festival