The Unicorn Rescue Society

We're happy to announce our not-so-secret secret organization: The Unicorn Rescue Society!

From the imaginations of Newbery Honor-winning author Adam Gidwitz and Mixtape Club founders Jesse Casey and Chris Lenox Smith, the world of the Unicorn Rescue Society is full of humor, adventure, and the fascinating folklore of cultures from around the world.

Let members Elliot and Uchenna explain their quest in the above animated shorts, then experience the full society mission below!

Book Series

The adventure unfolds in a Middle Grade book series from Penguin Random House, illustrated by Hatem Aly.

The first book, The Creature of the Pines, is in bookstores everywhere. Book two, The Basque Dragon, co-written by Mixtape Club's Jesse Casey, has just freshly been released! 

After that, more great books are on the way, each a collaboration between Adam Gidwitz and another great kids' author.

The Creators

Adam and Jesse met when they were eleven years old. They have done many things together, like building a car powered only by a mousetrap and inventing two board games. Jesse and Chris met when they were eighteen years old. They have done many things together, too, like making music videos for rock bands and an animation for the largest digital billboard ever. But Adam and Jesse and Chris wanted to do something together. First, they made trailers for Adam's books. Then they made a short film together. And now they are sharing with the world the courage, curiosity, kindness, and courage of the members of the Unicorn Rescue Society!

A Message from Adam

We trekked deep into the Pine Barrens of New Jersey for this shoot with author Adam Gidwidz, and may or may not have spotted a Jersey Devil in the process? You be the judge.


Introducing the Unicorn Rescue Society (full)

Created by Jesse Casey, Adam Gidwitz, Chris Lenox Smith Director Chris Lenox Smith Screenplay Jesse Casey

Cast: Elliot Eisner - Josh Feldman, Uchenna Devereaux - Monica Soyemi, Professor Mito Fauna - Shelley Valfer, Jersey - Parker Silzer

Executive Producer Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith Voice Over Producer John Holt Storyboards Mary Varn Technical Director Frank Suarez Based on the illustrations of Hatem Aly Character Design Mary Varn Background Design Barry Bruner Lead Animators Frank Suarez, Mary Varn Animation Efrain Clinton, Frank Suarez, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfekotte, George Zheng Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Adam Gidwitz Introduces The Unicorn Rescue Society

Client The Unicorn Rescue Society Director Jesse Casey Live Action Producer Eddy Vallante Camera Eddy Vallante Cell Animation Andy Kenndy, Mary Varn 3D Animation Sean Moller Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

The Basque Dragon

Created by Jesse Casey, Adam Gidwitz, Chris Lenox Smith Director Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producers Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith Screenplay by Jesse Casey Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Based on the designs of Hatem Aly Design Barry Bruner Animation Frank Suarez, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfekotte Cast Uchenna Devereaux - Monica Soyemi, Elliot Eisner - Josh Feldman Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music