Character Animation

We like to think of each of these animated characters as one of our children. It means we've got a big family, which is great. Honestly though, some of them are a little creepy and not ideal guests at Thanksgiving.


Jeremy Scott Live Case: Movie Time

Client Google Director Mixtape Club Executive Creative Director Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer Eddy Vallante Head of Production John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Frank Suarez Designer Barry Bruner Editor Luciano Tapia Technical Director Luciano Tapia Animation Director Frank Suarez 2D Animation  Efrain Cintron, Casey Drogin, Max Millermaier, Steve Moverley, Mark Pecoraro, Frank Suarez, Mary Varn, Dana Wulfkotte 3D Animation Luciano Tapia, Preston Brown, Matt Hanson, Andrew Chung, David Jouppi Sound Design John Parthum Sound Mix Parker Silzer Music Mixtape Club

Androidify: Garageband

Client Google Creative Lab Director Mixtape Club Creative Director Chris Lenox Smith Producers John Holt, Bruce Moreau Designer Keith Vincent Editor Chris Lenox Smith Lead Animator Mary Varn Animators Casey Drogin, Josh Goodrich, Arthur Hur, Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Adam Sacks, Heidi Sullivan, Mary Varn, Keith Vincent Colorist Sean Moller Sound Design John Parthum, Parker Silzer, Chris Lenox Smith Sound Mix John Parthum, Chris Lenox Smith Music Mixtape Club

Code of Everand

Client Area/Code Production Company Hornet Producer Sang-Jin Bae Production Coordinator Zack Kortright Storyboard Artist Ashley Boddy Editor Anita Chao Character Design Danny Kimanyen Design Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Connie Li Chan Animators Lizzi Akana, Connie Li Chan, Efrain Cintron, Mike Luzzi, Frank Summers 3D Erwin Riau, Frank Suarez Music Mixtape Club

Woolworth's: Training Day (Director's Cut)

Client The Brooklyn Brothers London Director Mixtape Club Production Company Hornet Executive Producer Michael Feder Producers Hana Shimizu (Hornet), Belinda Blacklock (Passion Pictures) Editor Joe Suslak Technichal Director Carl Mok Animator Royce Wesley Modelers Sang Heon Lee , Erwin Riau Rigger Marco Burbano Lighting & Texturing Christian Day, Erwin Riau, Frank Suarez Camera Joshua Frankel Director's Cut Music Mixtape Club

Jingle Bells

Client VH1 Directors Mixtape Club, Aaron Stewart Art Director Aaron Stewart Animators Efrain Cintron, Mike Luzzi, Aaron Stewart Compositing Jesse Casey, Tavet Gillson, Jules Koetsch, Adam Sacks, Chris Smith, Mary Varn Music Mixtape Club (featuring Tim Harrington)

Primus: Lee Van Cleef

Client ATO Records Director Mixtape Club Creative Director Chris Lenox Smith Story Andrew Curtis, Chris Lenox Smith Executive Producer Randi Wilens Producer Bruce Moreau Storyboard Artist Tavet Gillson Character Design George Harbeson Designers Morgan Schweitzer, Eve Weinberg Character Coloring Ed Chow, Mary Varn Additional Design Alex Mapar, Brad Walter Technical Director Jesse Casey Animators Zoya Baker, Anne Calandre, Jesse Casey, Julien Koetsch, Paul Imperio, Elaine Lee, Chris Lenox Smith, Mary Varn Compositors Jesse Casey, Chris Lenox Smith

Oscar: Health Insurance For the Way You Live Today

Client Oscar Executive Creative Director Chris Smith Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer John Holt Storyboard Artist Mary Varn Art Director Keith Vincent Design Barry Bruner, Blake Patrick, Keith Vincent Edit Sean Moller Animation Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Mary Varn, Keith Vincent, Dana Wulfekotte Voice Over Katherine Scipioni Sound Mix John Parthum, Parker Silzer Music Mixtape Club

My Morning Jacket: Touch Me I'm Going to Scream, Part 2

Client ATO Records Director Mixtape Club Production Company Hornet Producer Hana Shimizu Storyboard Artist Tavet Gillson Editor Joe Suslak Art Director Chris Lenox Smith Designers Emmett Dzieza, Tavet Gillson, Arthur Hur, Erin Kilkenny, Joe Posner, Michael Seiser Animators  Jesse Casey, Will Decker, Emmett Dzieza, Tavet Gillson, Michelle Higa, Erin Kilkenny, Arthur Hur, Andrew MacFarlane, Michael Seiser, Chris Lenox Smith 3D Animation Emmett Dzieza

The Grimm Conclusion Book Trailer

Client Penguin Director Jesse Casey Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer John Holt Animators Jake Armstrong, Adam Sacks, Mary Varn Voiceover Erik Frandsen, Adam Gidwitz Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music Book Cover Illustrations Hugh D'Andrade

Unlock the Box

Client CVCC Director Mixtape Club Executive Creative Director Chris Smith Creative Director Dennis Go Executive Producer Jesse Casey Producer John Catapano Copywriter Alison Willmore Design Barry Bruner, Keith Vincent Animation Frank Suarez, Keith Vincent, Andy Kennedy, Dennis Go, Andy Chung Voice Over Katherine Scipioni Sound Mix John Parthum, Parker Silzer Music Mixtape Club

Happy Holidays 2014

Director Mixtape Club Concept Chris Lenox Smith, Jesse Casey, Adam Gidwitz Character Design Keith Vincent Background Design Josh Goodrich, Tammy Hahn, Blake Patrick, Keith Vincent Animators Zoya Baker, Arthur Hur, Jules Koetsch, Max Millermaier, Sean Moller, Blake Patrick, Adam Sacks, Heidi Sullivan, Mary Varn Music Mixtape Club