Google Apps

Our buddies at Google make a lot of different apps. Apps for your email. Apps for storing your files. Apps for research and writing and calculating and everything else you can do online. Sometimes when they release a new app, they ask us to give it a test drive, and make a video showing off how awesome the app is. Here's a selection of our work showcasing the Google App Class.


Google: Meet Inbox

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Creative Director Felipe Posada Producer Kate Johnson Lead Animator Jules Koetsch Technical Director Jules Koetsch Animators Andy Chung, Paul Jae Suh VO Alex Covington Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music

Google: Maps Local Guides

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer Kate Johnson Lead Animator Jules Koetsch Animators Zoya Baker, Jules Koetsch, Maxwell Millermaier Music Mixtape Club Music

Google: Gmailify

Client Google Director Chris Lenox Smith Producer Nika Offenbac Lead Animator Sean Moller Animators Sean Moller, Whitney Theis Voice Over  Katherine Scipioni Music & Sound Mixtape Club Music